Heavy Metal Music

Many Government Mule fans also listen to heavy metal.  This music genre is an interesting type of rock music that was developed in the late 1960s and the early 1970s. This type of music is also known simply as metal and is a genre of rock music established in the United Kingdom and the United States. The background to heavy metal music is found in psychedelic and blues rock. There were a number of bands that came together to form heavy metal and they developed strong, thick loud sounds that was characterized by highly amplified distortion and emphatic beats. The lyrics, performance styles, and techniques that  were used by these heavy metal bands were generally associated with machismo and masculinity.

Some of the first heavy metal bands were Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin. These bands contributed to the popularity of heavy metal music, as they attracted large audiences to their performances, even though they were heavily criticized by many. These criticisms that heavy metal bands endured also became a commonality all throughout the history of their existence. In the mid 1970s, metal music evolved and discarded much of its blues influence to adopt a faster pace and a type of punk rock, which attracted many fans globally.

Heavy metal music continued to evolve in the 1980s to a subculture with a more extreme and aggressive styles of music with the introduction of bands like Mettalica, Motley Crue, Underground scenes and Megadeth. All through the years of heavy metal, this music has been known to be characterized by loud emphatic rhythms, loud distorted guitars with heavy dramatic bass and drum sounds and vigorous vocals. It is also said that metal music is a major bud-species of hard core rock music. However, when it is compared to rock music, heavy metal is said to have more brute force, more showmanship, less blues and less syncopation.

A heavy metal band is typically made up of a lead guitarist, drummer, a bassist, a rhythm guitarist and a singer. While the fullness of the sound is sometimes enhance by the use of keyboard instruments, other instruments are rarely used at heavy metal concerts. Each musical instrument used by heavy metal bands to enhance the sound of the music has a specific role. Let’s look at the main instruments used to produce heavy metal music. First and foremost, one of the key instruments in heavy metal music is the electric guitar which projects a sonic power through amplification and has the effect of colliding with the bandleader of the vocalist giving off musical tensions between the two.

Another instrument used in heavy metal music is the bass guitar which projects a low-end sound contributing to the heaviness of the music. Essentially, the metal drums create a constant beat for the band that was extremely loud, as the drummer ensures that these heavy drums are hit with power, speed and precision for the coordination and intricate patterns used in heavy metal music. Finally, despite the many criticisms of heavy metal music by religious persons, heavy metal music still continues to attract numerous supports with its enticing beats at live performances.